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But let’s talk about Jamie Brewer.

She’s awesome.

Jamie Brewer made her television debut on American Horror Story. Prior to her transition to acting on camera she was a theatrical actress. She has not left the stage, however, and still continues her training through theater and through improvisation at 'The Groundlings Theatre and School' .

Being an individual with Down Syndrome Jamie has made it a point to be active in the Down Syndrome community. Jamie was the youngest to ever be elected President of the ARC of Fort Bend Chapter. From there, she was appointed to the State of Texas ARC Board, then elected to the Executive Board as Treasurer. Jamie was then asked to serve on the ARC Governmental Affairs Committee for the State of Texas. She spoke with Senators at the Texas State Capitol to persuade them to pass the law for Texas to abolish using the “R” word from state legislation, and regarding the needs of people with disabilities in Texas. Texas now uses “Intellectual Developmental Disability” in their legislation. 1

Brewer is involved with a several non-profit organizations, including DSALA, DSiAM, BTAP, National Down Syndrome Congress, American Association of People with Disabilities of the United States, and Civitan International.


The True Supreme, IMHO



…[some] may not remember what made Iran-Contra such an extraordinary scandal. The Reagan administration “raised money privately” by selling weapons to a sworn enemy of the United States. Why? Because it wanted to fund an illegal war in Nicaragua. And when I say “illegal war,” I mean that quite literally—Congress told the Reagan administration, in no uncertain terms, that Reagan could not send money to the Contras. Period. The Reagan administration, unrestrained by laws and the Constitution, did so anyway, and much of the president’s national security team ended up under indictment.


Reagan knew everything. However, I bet this Time magazine piece doesn’t get into the juiciest part of Iran-Contra, which is that in the 1980s the CIA put into operation a crack cocaine pipeline to import narcotics from Central and South America and distribute it in US inner cities. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, this is a documented conspiracy, most rigorously researched and reported by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Gary Webb, whose series in the San Jose Mercury News and subsequent book “Dark Alliance” literally got him killed. To me, that’s the story of Iran-Contra: not that Reagan sold weapons to Iran, but that the US government imported and sold crack to Black America, as part of an arms and drugs trade which funded war in the Third World and which devastated lives and filled prisons in the USA.


Anonymous asked:

Who the hell is 'pees-on-castles' boy? O_o



Okay, so, I used to work at a daycare, right? And I was in the classroom for the kids ages 4-10. My main concern were the 5-10s, but in the afternoons, it was myself and another teachers for the 21 children. (Yeah.)

So the kids were playing, as they do, and we were keeping an eye on them, as we did. We noticed that one of the kids, we’ll call him Dee, had been kind of out of sight for a while. Now, there were little play castles and houses all over the place but there’s this one castle that was a little harder to see into.

Big, gorgeous, fantasy castle, right?

So I walk over and see. in the corner. Dee.

Peeing. In the corners of the inside of said gorgeous fantasy castle.

I FROZE. Like, WHAT DO I DO? I’VE BEEN WORKING HERE LESS THAN SIX MONTHS, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. So I called a coworker over, we got him out of the castle and asked him why he did that. He said nothing.

So we talk to his Dad when his Dad picks him up and his Dad is HORRIFIED. 100% horrified and apologetic and is just like, OH MY GOD, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE DID THAT, I’M SO SORRY.

Which, whatever, cool.

(In the meantime, we’re all frantically bleaching and sanitizing EVERYTHING - toys, castle, play house beside said castle, REMOVING THE MULCH AND PUTTING NEW MULCH DOWN, etc.)

So, we ask Dee again and he just shrugs and says he doesn’t know. Which we’re not surprised by, so we had to call a meeting with his Mom too.

Fast forward to a few days later (of nervously watching Dee hang out in the fancy castle by himself) (none of the other kids would go near it, as you can imagine) and we meet with Dee’s Mom, explain the situation and instead of getting a “WHAT” reaction, we get:

"Oh. *sigh*"


What apparently had happened was that. Dee had seen the family dog marking his territory, had asked about it, and had been told (by his Mom, of course) that dogs pee on things. To let other dogs know that it was their territory.

So Dee, in true 4-year-old logic had decided that this fancy castle was HIS, DAMNIT. So he peed on it.

To be fair, it wasn’t bad logic because that castle ended up going home with him because none of the other kids would go near it after that.

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